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2007 Legacy Society

Legacy gifts may be made in a variety of different ways and include gifts made by naming Nutmeg Senior Rides, Inc. as a charitable beneficiary in:

A Will in which Nutmeg Senior Rides is named as a partial or sole beneficiary. The following suggested language may be used when making a bequest by Will:

"I give, bequeath and devise to Nutmeg Senior Rides, a Connecticut charitable corporation headquartered at 856 East Street South, Suffield, CT 06078 (_______% of the residuary estate/_______%of the estate/or the sum of $_______) to be used for _______ ("its general purposes" or insert language restricting the bequest for a particular purpose which is acceptable to Nutmeg Senior Rides)

A charitable remainder trust which provides income to the donor or someone the donor designates and at the close of the trust then results in a gift to Nutmeg Senior Rides, Inc. a charitable lead trust which provides annual payments to Nutmeg Senior Rides, Inc.

For a specified period of time and then at the end of that period of time results in the corpus the trust passing to the estate of the donor at a tax advantageous basis a life insurance policy on the donor's life

A bank, stock, retirement, IRA or donor advised fund account

A Legacy gift may also be made through a Life Estate Contract whereby a donor gives a principal residence or farm to Nutmeg Senior Rides and retains the right to occupy the residence or farm for life.

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If you have already made provision for Nutmeg Senior Rides in your estate plans through one or more of these legacy gifts, have it on your "to do" list or would like more information, please call Margaret Smith Hale at (860) 758-7833or email at Thank you.