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10 signs that a senior is an unsafe driver

10 Warning signs that a senior elderly should no longer be driving Nutmeg Senior Rides by Nutmeg Senior Riders

We might have heard about stories where older adults have car accidents and how complicated it could be for an older person to be involved in this situation.

According to a report, they asserted that "In 2018, there were more than 45 million licensed drivers aged 65 and older in the United States. This is a 60% increase since 2000." Therefore a consequence of this is that: "In 2018, almost 7,700 older adults (aged 65+) were killed in traffic crashes, and more than 250,000 were treated in emergency departments for crash injuries."

Checking this report, we can realize how important it is to be aware of these situations. Some elderly drivers, at least those with disabilities, are considered unsafe. It is necessary to look at other alternatives, such as senior care transportation services, transportation for senior citizens, or even transportation options for the elderly and disabled.

Now we know the travel possibilities for seniors. But the big question is how we can identify when someone can no longer drive? Especially if we are talking about an older person.

It's not so obvious when a senior begins to have problems behind the wheel. It may happen that older people are not conscious of the progressive deterioration that they are suffering.

Let's prevent any accidents, giving them the proper guidance.

Ten signs indicate that an older grown-up should stop driving

Here are ten signs of when an older adult should stop driving.

NHTSA advises family members to carefully check the following indicators to identify when an older person should no longer drive.

1. When they suddenly accelerate the car without reason.

2. When they have difficulty seeing objects, signs, and other vehicles.

3. If they get disoriented easily in some life situations.

4. If your grandma or grandpa pulls into other lanes, straddling lanes, or make sudden lane changes.

5. If they had received two or more traffic citations or warnings during the last two years.

6. If they have levels of anxiety while driving.

7. If they drive near to a stop sign and they don't stop.

8. If they stop the car suddenly without reason.

9. If they have a medical prescription, motor disability, or any pathological disease that makes them incapable of driving.

10. If they have severe vision problems such as presbyopia or cataracts.

How to handle aging in driving problems

If you start to see any of the warning signs above, it is time to take control of the situation. You can't wait for the accident to happen! For this reason, we give you some tips to prevent.

  • Consult with a professional driver on the driving skills of the elderly, especially if you live with an older relative.

  • Don't feel sorry to report an elderly who might be in danger while is driving, moreover if they refuse to take a test drive.

  • Enrolling in a senior driving course can help seniors to improve their driving skills.

  • Find a refresher course for older drivers.

  • Enlist the help of volunteers and senior transportation services so they can transport you and your seniors to the city.

This information may interest you: non-expensive transportation services for seniors.


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