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Health tips for the elderly

Elders practicing exercise by Nutmeg Senior Riders

We all know that we will reach old age sooner or later, but do we consider in what state of health we will age or want to age? The quality of life during childhood and adulthood will play an essential role in our health in the so-called 'third age', but what factors should we consider to enjoy a healthy old age?

The World Health Organization (WHO) stresses that healthy aging begins with healthy habits, including diet, physical activity, and exposure to health risks. Indeed, from a certain age onwards, we must consider certain factors to age well before we can relativize. Doing different activities is essential for seniors in Connecticut. For this reason, Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best transportation in Connecticut for seniors to move from one place to another.

As we age, we experience many changes and may need to adjust our lifestyles for healthy aging. Healthy eating and regular physical activity can be essential to good health at any age. Making the right lifestyle choices can also prevent some health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Considering all these health factors, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides transportation for seniors in Connecticut.

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1. Eat well

A varied and balanced diet is essential. Fruits and vegetables are our best allies. On the other hand, fatty foods and sugar should be eaten in moderation. Select foods rich in fiber such as whole-grain bread and cereals, beans, nuts, and seeds without salt, and colorful vegetables and fruits.

As we age, there is a tendency to consume less food and to eat only one type of food. A balanced diet is recommended to prevent health problems and help your loved one become physically and mentally stronger. Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best option for senior transportation in Connecticut if you need to go to the nutritionist or to the doctor.

2. Keeping a record of medications

The older adult is expected to consume several medications and may become confused and duplicate their dosage. Many people tend to get self-medication, but this behavior is not advisable. This situation is hazardous; therefore, you must take control of the case as a family member.

We recommend you keep a notebook or logbook with the daily control of each medication and use controlled pill dispensers. Nutmeg Senior Rides can take you to the doctor or anywhere you need in Connecticut.

3. Establish a safety plan

In an older person, the risks of accidents increase as their senses begin to diminish, we recommend you make a list of some risk factors and take action.

One of the dangers that older adults continually face is falling. To prevent this, you need to review your family member's living space and remove obstacles, rugs, and fragile tables where they may trip. Modifications should also be made in some critical regions, such as the bathroom, where grab bars should be installed and anti-slip mats should be placed. It is essential to have good lighting and accessible spaces for easy movement.

If your family member is cognitively impaired, you should anticipate that they may leave home and get lost in the surroundings. For this reason, we recommend keeping the door locked and providing them with identification they can carry all day long. Nutmeg Senior Rides provides senior transportation in Connecticut to connect seniors with others.

4. Accept aging and enjoy it

Be realistic, you are no longer 20 years old, but this does not mean you cannot enjoy it. Old age is another step in life where experience and wisdom come to the surface, accept this new role, and try to make the most of it.

If your children are grown up, or you are retired, take advantage of it. You don't have to be in charge of everything. Enjoy this well-deserved rest and take advantage of it to do that thing you've always wanted to do. Nutmeg Senior Rides is a non-profit organization that understands the importance of making a difference in society by helping others in Connecticut.

5. Make a needs assessment

We must start from reality. We must list the needs we have as we age, as well as the resources we have to meet them.

Once we have established what is needed, we will draw up a realistic action plan of what each family member can contribute, as well as look for the means and people to facilitate the process. Spending time with seniors is fundamental. For this reason, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides senior transportation in Connecticut to make families join.

6. Keep learning

Never lose your curiosity. Read books or magazines, participate in debates, learn how to use the internet, or get started on social networks.

Getting out of the house, interacting, informing yourself, and getting to know new things and people will expand your social circle. Visiting museums, going to the theater, or going out to dinner will help you have a positive attitude and aspirations. With Nutmeg Senior Rides, you can donate, become a volunteer, or sponsor seniors who need transportation in Connecticut.

7. Take care of your sleep habits

Sleep habits often change as a person ages. Decreased activity levels and napping during the day will make it more challenging to get a whole night's sleep or wake you up early in the morning.

This situation would be great if you had a hobby where you had to get up early, such as fishing, but if this situation makes you anxious, try to follow the advice we have given you about exercise and diet and don't doze off during the day. All of this will help.

8. Control your drinking and smoking habits

If you have recently retired or spend more time at home, you may find it tempting to sit down with a glass of wine or beer while away the hours.

The recommended limits are 14 units per week for women and 21 for men. One unit is approximately equal to a glass of wine, half a beer, or an individual measure of a strong alcoholic beverage or liquor.

As for tobacco, erase any romantic notions about being the typical pipe-smoking, slipper-wearing grandfather; pipe smoking or cigar or cigarette smoking is bad for your health, and it's never too late to quit. The elders have a lot of wisdom and knowledge. Nutmeg Senior Rides recognizes the importance of seniors and provides transportation for seniors in Connecticut.

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