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How technology helps to drive better

Person using technology while driving by Nutmeg Senior Riders

Companies in the automotive sector have joined forces to increase safety on the road and reduce any opportunity for accidents. These companies have been in charge of updating and improving their wide range of products and technological solutions through robust solutions for protecting drivers and the environment. That includes pedestrians, passengers, the community, and other vehicles. Nutmeg Senior Rides provides the best service transportation in the following areas: Senior transportation in Bloomfield Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in East granby Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in East windsor Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Enfield Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Granby Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Somers Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in South windsor Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Suffield Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Windsor Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Windsor locks Connecticut, CT

Road safety is one of the biggest concerns for vehicular traffic. Implementing innovative driving behavior solutions and technologies can significantly reduce road accidents. This implementation is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030 and generating material savings in maintenance due to mishandling of vehicles and insurance policies.

When we talk about safety on the road, we have to refer to all the measures taken to prevent the risk of crashes and fatalities. Also, this safety has to look for environmentally friendly systems of transportation. Efforts must be put in place to make roads safer, not only for vehicle occupants but also for users: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Remember that Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best option for senior transportation in Connecticut. Contact us today to join our family.

How technology helps

Many of us had known times when cars did not have a seatbelt in the back, a burglar alarm, airbags, car seats, or ABS. Security was secondary and, for many people, even optional, and the consequences were dramatic. The number of deaths each year multiplied several times the current one.

However, currently driving is much safer than 30 or 40 years ago, thanks to many sensors and devices in all vehicles. The number of accidents and their problems has drastically reduced their number over the years.

Increasingly, drivers attach greater importance to safety issues in our journeys. Although technologies designed to protect passengers, such as airbags or programmed deformation structures, have long been part of our daily reality, in recent times, new tools have been incorporated to serve to revolutionize the idea that we have of driving safety. It is no longer just a matter of reducing the consequences of an eventual impact but of anticipating and preventing possible dangers and having reliable assistance throughout the trip. For this, relying on technological advances is essential.

One of the fundamental factors to avoid unnecessary risks is a comfort during the trip. There is nothing better than a real rapport between vehicle and driver for safe and pleasant driving. That is precisely what Nissan's Brain-to-Vehicle technology aspires to.

This system has managed to decode the functioning of the brain, to detect and analyze its reactions, and to be able to predict our actions while driving. It sees aspects such as the intention of movement or the variation between the driver's expectations and what he is experiencing while driving, which serves to anticipate his preferences and needs.

Technologies that work

Among the technologies that help car safety, as they keep you alert and allow you to make timely and correct decisions, are the following:

Predictive Emergency Braking System

The system alerts the driver before the collision occurs and, if necessary, intervenes to brake. It is a technology based on the network connection of a radar sensor, which constantly monitors the volume of cars preceding the car. An acoustic or visual signal will warn the driver during a critical situation. Thus, he will be aware of the risk of accident and will be able to react. If the collision is unavoidable, this system reduces the impact speed to try to minimize the consequences of the accident.

Night vision systems

They improve driving at night thanks to infrared installed in the headlights and environmental recognition cameras. This system allows the driver to know more about the road when visibility is lower. Night vision, in fact, provides up to three times the length of vision than conventional low beam headlights.

Traffic sign recognition

It detects traffic signs and warns the driver if he violates them. The system can identify, for example, the prohibition to overtake the speed limit of that road and even warns the driver when that limit is exceeded. The aim is to help reduce traffic offenses and avoid the risks that may arise from improper speed or overtaking.

Assistant to stay in your lane

Through cameras, it recognizes when you change lanes and, if you have not put your directional signals, it will take it as a mistake and correct the direction of the car.

Drowsiness alert system

The steering wheel detects by means of sensors the slightest movements you make in the direction and, if it registers immobility for a time or loosens in the strength of the hands, it will vibrate slightly to wake up the driver.

Front object detection system

It can be a pedestrian or another braked vehicle. When it notices that the vehicle is approaching without slowing down towards it, it automatically issues an alert or even brakes.

Warning system in the opposite direction

Thanks to the GPS, it can indicate if the street or access road to a highway will take you in the opposite direction, or run into other vehicles head-on, putting everyone at risk.

Blindspot display system

That little space where you can't see if you have cars next to you through your rearview mirrors or even by turning around becomes "visible" through cameras or sensors that warn you when it is not a good time to change lanes.

System for detecting excessive consumption of substances

Like a breathalyzer, this device in your car, where you would have to blow when climbing, detects if you are not in driving condition and prevents the vehicle from starting.

Being a trained, alert and experienced driver is the most crucial element in driving safety. Technological aids are welcome, as long as they do not affect or hinder your skills or are distracting.

Which technology to use when driving is your own decision. Remember that technology does not have to distract you from your primary task to drive safely.

Even having all the world's technology, there is no way to prevent accidents completely. It is a fact that some accidents are unavoidable. However, if your car has high-quality security measures, you and your passengers will have a much better chance of surviving a serious incident on the road.

Security measures work together to keep you safe. Ultimately, road safety is up to you. Do everything you can to protect your family by driving within the speed limit, with attention, and concentrating fully on the road.

Being an excellent driver and the correct use of technology is vital. If you want to become a volunteer at Nutmeg Senior Rides, do not hesitate to contact us. It is the right moment to start volunteering and enjoy its benefits.

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