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Most common mistakes of drivers in Connecticut

Mistakes of drivers Nutmeg Senior Rides Connecticut by Nutmeg Senior Riders

Overconfidence and routine cause changes in our way of driving. Many of these changes turn into errors, which can distort the perception of risk we have about specific actions at the wheel if we do not modify them. Nutmeg Senior Rides provides the best service transportation in the following areas: Senior transportation in Bloomfield Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in East granby Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in East windsor Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Enfield Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Granby Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Somers Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in South windsor Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Suffield Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Windsor Connecticut, CT, Senior transportation in Windsor locks Connecticut, CT

Many traffic accidents happen due to human carelessness. Therefore, in this article, we tell you some of the most common mistakes we usually make while driving so that you can avoid them and prevent accidents.

Driving is an activity that requires our full attention and in which no one is exempt from making mistakes. Many traffic accidents are registered each year, and in which experienced drivers are usually involved is proof of this.

10 mistakes to avoid in Connecticut

Here we share with you 10 common mistakes of drivers. Read all of them to avoid these mistakes.

1. Not keeping a safe distance

Respecting the safety distance is essential to reduce the risk of overtaking, as otherwise, the stopping distance is reduced. If we keep an adequate safety distance, we will have enough time to react and avoid crashes. Nutmeg Senior Rides provides senior transportation in Connecticut to connect seniors with others.

2. Invade the pedestrian crossings

Something prevalent is that some drivers do not stop on time and invade the crosswalk. If you do not follow this rule, it can make you eligible for a fine. The most advisable thing is to brake in advance and as soon as the traffic light changes to the warning light. Understanding the contribution of seniors to our society in Connecticut, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides the best senior transportation in Connecticut.

3. To drive aggressively or too quietly.

Both extremes are wrong. The first, because sudden acceleration and braking can damage the engine and the brakes. The second, because driving at low revs can damage the catalyst, in the case of gasoline. Everything in its proper measure. It is vital that you listen to the car and let it be the one to determine how it wants to be driven.

4. Use of the mobile phone

The use of mobile phones in the car is becoming more and more frequent and is a severe problem for road safety, as it is one of the primary sources of distraction that exists today. Staring at a mobile device can cause a severe traffic accident, even if we only look at it for a few seconds. When we look at the mobile phone, we lose focus and ignore the road, which means we cannot react to an unforeseen event. This problem is the one that we must eliminate most urgently, since it causes many accidents, especially among the youngest. The problem of deconcentration at the wheel is also suffered when the road is neglected to put on music or attend to a passenger in the vehicle.

5. Exceed speed

Most new drivers are unaware of the close relationship between time and space when driving. Therefore, they tend to accelerate constantly without considering that it may be more difficult to stop during a sudden situation. To avoid this mistake, it is recommended that you drive at the regulation speed or as slow as possible while gaining safety. If other drivers complain that you are obstructing the road, try to ignore their complaints.

6. Underestimating weather conditions

Knowing the circumstances in which we will drive is essential, especially when we still have a few miles behind the wheel. Situations such as driving at night, on wet roads, or during sunset make it difficult to react and see when driving. For this reason, it is essential that before taking the car, we check the time and, in case we are caught unexpectedly in the middle of a journey, we reduce our speed and increase caution. The elders have a lot of wisdom and knowledge. Nutmeg Senior Rides recognizes the importance of seniors and provides transportation for seniors in Connecticut.

7. Not knowing the traffic regulations.

It is advisable to know one hundred percent of the laws in the City to identify types of avenues, prohibited roads, signs, and other regulations that allow understanding the streets and avoiding possible infractions.

8. Attention to the road

Today, it is the most common mistake when driving. There are many distractions when driving. The most frequent is the use of cell phones. There is no real excuse for not stopping to use any mobile phone device and thus avoid accidents. You can have an accident that can harm you physically, your family, and other people. If you need to make calls, use a Bluetooth hands-free device, so the headphones do not limit your hearing. Another of the most common mistakes is the use of the radio. Although it is legal, many people are distracted, so we must learn to focus on the road and not on the radio. Please do not put televisions or screens inside the car. If you do, they should not be within the driver's vision range.

9. Honking the horn excessively

Honking the car or flashing the high-beam headlights as a protest against the actions of other drivers can cause startles, nerves, or the blockage of people who are driving, causing a worse situation due to an unexpected reaction. As far as possible and for our safety, it is preferable to facilitate other drivers' maneuvers and be friendly and polite behind the wheel.

10. Do not use the turn signal

You should use turn signals to indicate a lane change or turn. These signals are crucial for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. However, they are very commonly not used. This action has led to a fine in some states for not using them.

Nutmeg Senior Rides understands how we change as we age. For this reason, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides senior transportation in Connecticut.

If you are an excellent driver and want to become a volunteer at Nutmeg Senior Rides, you can read about it here. It is the right moment to start volunteering and enjoy its benefits. Nutmeg Senior Rides, helps you go everywhere you need in Connecticut, whether you need senior transportation in West Suffield Connecticut, senior transportation in Bloomfield Connecticut, senior transportation in South Windsor Connecticut, senior transportation in Somers Connecticut, senior transportation in Enfield Connecticut, senior transportation in Vernon Connecticut, senior transportation in Granby Connecticut, senior transportation in East Granby Connecticut, senior transportation in Suffield Connecticut, senior transportation in Windsor Locks Connecticut, or senior transportation in East Windsor Connecticut. If you need transportation in Connecticut do not hesitate to contact us.


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