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Mother's Day for the elderly

Old woman by Nutmeg Senior Riders

Mother's Day in the USA is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This day is a date to remember all mothers in the country and recognize their vital role in society. Generally, on Mother's Day Sunday, the sale of flowers and greeting cards breaks records. However, the celebration of this day usually extends throughout May. Remember that Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best option for senior transportation in Connecticut. Contact us today to join our family.

The way it is celebrated is very similar to how it is done in different countries. Moms are presented with flowers, candy, jewelry, and gifts. Families gather at home for a big meal and to celebrate. This particular day is also celebrated in elementary schools, where it is customary to have festivals to celebrate moms on their day. Don't forget that they deserve more than just a flower, perfume, or a gift. We have to show them how big our love is for them every day because they deserve everything. Family is essential, so if seniors need to visit a family member in Connecticut, Nutmeg Senior Rides is ready to take them wherever they need.

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  • If we look at the calendar for 2022 (the month of May), this date falls on a weekend.
  • Many celebrations are held in the parks, which are characterized by being large and clean. Some are also set up for outdoor dining, weather permitting.
  • We have to give a gift to our moms no matter how. Whether it is with a kiss, a hug, a poem, a drawing, making her breakfast or giving her a trip to the Caribbean. The important thing is not the money or the gifts. What counts is that they know how much they mean to us.

To start this day especially, you can prepare a lovely bouquet. It will be a detail that mom will surely love. You can also schedule a delicious breakfast for her to take wherever she wants. A great option is to take her breakfast and flowers to bed. Nutmeg Senior Rides provides the following services: {transportationct}

A family picnic; tranquility and happiness is all mom needs on this day, and she can have it in a nice picnic day in the countryside, prepare lunch, some family games, and a snack to spend the day connected with nature; sure mom will love to enjoy this day with her family. Spending time with seniors is fundamental. For this reason, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides senior transportation in Connecticut to make families join.

If she likes technology, there are plenty of options. You just need a budget: from an ebook so she can read digitally to smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of gadgets, the market offers variety. You just need to have a little more money set aside for the occasion.

Finally, there is always the option of giving jewelry, but before buying anything, investigate what she needs. You will give her a practical gift and not something else to fill her jewelry box. Nutmeg Senior Rides is ready to provide senior transportation in Connecticut.

Origin of Mother's Day

In the United States, Mother's Day has a secular but exciting origin. Two women are the precursors of this celebration: Julia Ward Howe and Anna Reeves Jarvis.

  • The writer Julia Ward Howe, author of the hymn of the Republic, established June 2, 1872, as Mother's Day for Peace. She also called for womanhood throughout the world. Her goal was to set a whole day to proclaim "Mother's Day."

  • Another forerunner of the first Mother's Day was Anna Reeves Jarvis. A community activist, she organized Mothers' Labor Days in West Virginia in 1858 to improve public health care. After the war, she organized meetings to persuade men to mingle with their enemies.

Anna Maria Jarvis, daughter of Anna Jarvis, wanted to commemorate her late mother and social work. So she initiated a campaign to have mothers' work recognized with an annual Mother's Day. In 1907 he pushed for Mother's Day to be celebrated throughout the United States on the second Sunday in May through letters and political contacts. In the previous century, politicians and business people who had opposed women-driven reforms welcomed an individualistic Mother's Day that could be exploited, as Florist's Review, the magazine of the flower industry, put it.

Five years later, Mother's Day was already celebrated in many of the states of the union, consolidating by 1912. Later, the International Mother's Day Association was created. An organism is created to promote the initiative. The United States Congress approved it as a national holiday in 1914. Since then, the celebration has spread to more than fifty countries worldwide.

A curious fact is that Anna Jarvis herself, years later, would fight for the elimination of Mother's Day, understanding that this official commemoration had become tinged with commercialism. Nutmeg Senior Rides is a non-profit organization that understands the importance of making a difference in society by helping others in Connecticut.

Why does Mother's Day change its date in the United States?

This year the date on which Mother's Day was celebrated in the United States was May 8. However, this is not always the case. Unlike Mexico, where this celebration is always on May 10 regardless of the day of the week, in the United States, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May.

This custom became official in the United States in the 20th century thanks to a woman who decided to pay tribute to her mother in 1905. Anna Jarvis started a campaign in her country to celebrate Mother's Day in honor of her mother, Ann Reeves, who had passed away.

To achieve this, each year, Anna sent letters to politicians and celebrities seeking to institute the celebration, finally reaching that in 1911 the holiday was recognized, and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a decree to recognize Mother's Day as a national holiday. Remember that Nutmeg Senior Rides provides senior transportation in Connecticut to connect seniors with others.

The whole month belongs to the mothers

Mother's Day is celebrated worldwide in different ways, although the most important thing is to spend the day with them as a way of thanking them. The most common custom is giving gifts to moms and taking them out to eat or making them their favorite meal. Some people also take them for a walk or a trip on this day.

It is essential to remember that the whole month is considered an opportunity to remind mothers how important they are. Especially if your mother is an older adult, you should be careful and understand her. Being nice to others is always good. With Nutmeg Senior Rides, you can donate, become a volunteer, or sponsor seniors who need transportation in Connecticut.

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