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Recommendations to take care of your vehicle in Connecticut

Recommendations to take care of a vehicle Nutmeg Senior Rides by Nutmeg Senior Riders

A good car lover takes care of it like a kid. There should be no excuse for not caring for it and giving it the love it deserves. Of course, we cannot idealize an object, but it is a reality that our car is a partner with us in each daily adventure.

Winter is coming, and weather conditions make it necessary to prepare the car for this time. In addition, it is essential to carry out continuous maintenance and care during these months so that the useful life of our vehicle could be better.

As our home or workplace, the car is a frequently inhabited space. For this reason, our car needs permanent maintenance if we want to keep it in good condition. However, most drivers forget this practice. We invite you to follow the following tips to keep your vehicle as new.

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Nutmeg Senior Rides shares the following recommendations to take care of your vehicle:

1. Check the engine

Do not forget to check the engine levels periodically. If you have to top up coolant, use the correct amount of antifreeze, not just water. You must verify the engine before starting to drive. You have to check important details such as battery status. This recommendation is essential to avoid surprises you can prevent if you verify before.

2. Make a regular maintenance

If you keep your car in top condition, you will get a better sale price. Try to keep regular services to avoid damage that could turn into more detailed breakdowns in the future. Check the electrical system, oil levels, brake system, and cooling based on your vehicle's manual suggestions. This verification will keep your vehicle in perfect condition when you want to sell it.

3. Pay attention to the gasoline levels

You may have noticed that your car's gas levels dropped, even if you stopped using it. This situation is due to the natural evaporation of the fuel. It is recommendable that you always be attentive to your tank level, as the optimal thing is that it is always full.

4. Swap regular tires for winter tires

With or without snow, if you live in an area where temperatures typically drop below, winter tires are recommended. They give you better traction when turning or stopping on cold pavement.

5. Make a preventive Maintenance

It is always a good idea to prefer maintenance over solving problems. So, if you can prevent a complicated situation, it is best to do it. Usually, it is cheaper to prevent through maintenance than paying a reparation. Carrying out the preventive maintenance of our car in time and rule will help keep its correct operation for a longer time, reducing premature wear.

In addition, by attending maintenance services on time, we can ensure possible failures in other areas and, at the same time, ensure that the excellent fuel economy is maintained for a more extended period.

6. Take care of the fuel pump

The gasoline in the tank has a similar function to the antifreeze in the engine. It is in charge of cooling the pump and keeping it at a steady temperature for optimal operation. When the level of the tank drops by half, it undergoes overheating than usual, and therefore wears is more accelerated.

Therefore, keeping the tank at more than half its capacity is advisable to protect the fuel pump, prevent failures, and improve performance.

7. Add a coat of wax

If you are one of those who pamper your car, a good idea may be to give it a coat of wax. This action will keep the paint better.

8. Remember cleaning and organization

Athletes must always take care of their hygiene. Keeping clean is the easiest way to prevent diseases and infections of any kind. In the same way, washing your car at least once a week on the outside and once a month on the inside gives a better appearance to your car. Also, cleaning your car could prevent problems for your health.

9. Check the brakes

The brakes are essential for your safety, so you should take them to the workshop when you notice a fault. Remember to check them frequently, regardless of whether they are discs or drums. You should also consider the brake fluid reservoir level and change it at least yearly.

The brake system parts can be more exposed to friction, such as brake pads, discs, or calipers, so are more likely to show wear. If you need to verify if the breaks fail, you have to step on them, and if it feels unstable, you should go to the nearest workshop.

Your car does not only help, but it can be an investment in the future because depending on the care you give it, you can extend its useful life.

If you care about your car, you are also a great driver. Remember that Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best option for senior transportation in Connecticut. Contact us today to join our family.

If you are an excellent driver and you want to become a volunteer at Nutmeg Senior Rides, you can read about it here. It is the right moment to start volunteering and enjoy its benefits.

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