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Technology and driving safety in Connecticut

Driving and technology Nutmeg Senior Rides by Nutmeg Senior Riders

Risks of technology in the car

We carry our communication devices everywhere, and of course, also in the car. In addition, today, the interior of a car looks more and more like a mega-gadget than a car itself. Nutmeg Senior Rides is a non-profit organization that understands the importance of making a difference in society by helping others in Connecticut.

In some models, one finds overwhelming consoles full of buttons or with more simplified designs with a more or less large color touch screen that encompasses several functions, and which is also a multimedia connectivity system to be integrated to a greater or lesser extent with Our telephone.

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Driving safely is essential

The interior of our car is not our living room. In it, the main task that we develop is to drive, a job that is certainly not easy and requires great concentration, although with experience and day to day we have it very automated and it does not seem so to us.

It is not only about steering the machine, skillfully combining steering, throttle, brake, gear, control speed, engine speed, changing at the right time and not wasting too much fuel, but also paying attention to traffic conditions, the road, other vehicles, pedestrians, signaling, essentially safety. It is a lot of information to process and very little time to do it.

So the more functions and tasks we want to add to the already complex driving, the more complicated we make it, and worse still, the more risk we run of being distracted from the main thing, driving the car. We insist on this because we tweet or say on Facebook that we are going I don't know where it isn't.

Years ago, the radio was one of the few distractions that we could suffer in the car: they were those moments in which one was obfuscated in finding his favorite radio station after losing it due to poor reception. As technology advances, we come to automatic search systems, presets, and even controls behind the wheel.

But then shortly after the mobile phones arrived, and what we were not distracted by the radio, now we were distracted by the phone: looking for a contact in the phonebook, making a call, chatting and even writing an SMS. And all this implies two dangerous things: take your eyes off the road for a few moments and occupy one of your hands in something that is neither the steering wheel nor the gearbox. Understanding the contribution of seniors to our society in Connecticut, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides the best senior transportation in Connecticut.

Dangers of technology while driving

One of the first things taught in driving license theory classes is the danger of technological devices. Cell phones, GPS, and even tablets pose an obvious danger behind the wheel. New technologies help driving, but they also pose a significant threat to road safety.

An example of this is the GPS, which helps the driver not get lost by directing him directly to the destination point, but the trip must be programmed before leaving and always with the vehicle stationary. If the route navigation must be modified, it must be done by the passenger, and if the driver does it, the car must be stationary.

This situation is another of the tremendous technological distractions behind the wheel and represents a danger for road safety. The handsfree is generally allowed to drive talking on the mobile or with headphones, but it also distracts the driver. Studies show that after three minutes of conversation, the driver stops perceiving 40% of signals, and his reaction time to unforeseen events is much longer.

Another distraction that often goes unnoticed is the radio. Changing a CD takes between 3 and 6 seconds, a period in which sure signs or an incident on the road can be ignored, as happens when changing stations. These may be automated movements over time, but they carry a significant distraction that should be avoided. It is clear that technology helps driving, but it entails hazardous distractions that we must bear in mind to try to avoid.

Importance of using technology appropriately

Technologies have played and still play a key role in advances in road safety. Still, now more than ever, we are experiencing such a technological explosion that we are even talking about the car that drives alone as an imminent reality. But do vehicles protect us in the event of an accident, even if we sometimes misuse or misuse their components? What remains for us to do to achieve zero traffic accidents?

For technology to fulfill its function, it must be accompanied by road training and education. It is of little use to buy a vehicle equipped with the latest if we do not know how it works, we use it badly, or it even causes us more risky behaviors at the wheel because we believe that it will help us at all times, is what is called the theory of constant risk. An example of this is found in the first cars with airbags and ABS since they suffered more accidents than usual because many drivers took more risks. Considering all these factors, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides transportation for seniors in Connecticut.

Accidents cause thousands of deaths a year, and their consequences pose severe problems for both their victims and the people around them. For that, today, we will talk about technology and how manufacturers have gradually included this series of advances in recent years.

Many of us had known times when cars did not have a seatbelt in the back, a burglar alarm, airbags, car seats, or ABS. Security was secondary and, for many people, even optional, and the consequences were dramatic. The number of deaths each year multiplied several times the current one.

However, currently driving is much safer than 30 or 40 years ago, thanks to many sensors and devices in all types of vehicles. In the number of accidents and the problems derived from them, they have drastically reduced their number over the years. 80.

For these reasons, technology can become an excellent ally for our safety, but at the same time, we must know how to use it wisely to avoid accidents.

At Nutmeg Senior Rides, we know how important is to handle technology and driving. Our volunteers are qualified people. If you want to know more about our services, visit our page and get all the information. It is the right moment to start driving properly and be one of our volunteers.

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