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The wisdom of old age

Senior reading a newspaper by Nutmeg Senior Riders

The assessment of human life is usually made by life cycles. Thus, childhood, youth, adulthood, and old age are accidental circumstances to classify human life and temporality. In Western society, this valuation has been influenced by neoliberalism's ideological and socioeconomic dynamics, in which the cornerstone is the production of material goods. Seniors have a lot of wisdom and knowledge. Nutmeg Senior Rides recognizes the importance of seniors and provides transportation for seniors in Connecticut.

However, these social imaginaries are not the same in all cultures. When an evaluation of the human person is made, taking into account all its dimensions and transcending its physical and material aspects, it is possible to understand the richness of old age.

It is a big mistake to think that the natural deterioration of biological functions as we age determines a decline in all areas. The great injustice of 21st-century society is to ignore the wisdom of the age of experience. In the same book, it is expressed that the elders embody the reservoir of the wisdom of the people and humanity; their task, as the light of humanity, is to transcend the historical ages with their guidance and prudent advice. Nutmeg Senior Rides is a non-profit organization that understands the importance of making a difference in society by helping others in Connecticut.

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What is wisdom?

The word wisdom etymologically refers to sapere, which is related to savoring. The older person is the one who has tasted life and who, therefore, can transmit principles of action because he has given vital content to what, for others, is superficiality. As he is in charge of communicating meanings, he is creating the culture and handing it to the new generations.

Despite the appearance of gray hair, the wrinkles on the skin, and the gradual walking, in the elderly, there is a condensation of knowledge that enriches the listener. Volunteering is a way to express passion for serving others. Nutmeg Senior Rides has volunteers to help seniors in Connecticut. Volunteers make it possible to provide senior transportation in Connecticut at affordable prices.

The wisdom of the elderly is infinite. They just need us to be willing to listen with our hearts to their life stories and about life. We are eager to appreciate the wisdom that only the years have allowed them to acquire. They are the best example that people know more about their age. They advise you based on their experience, triumphs, and defeats. That by several and different, they are rich.

Why are the elderly wise?

Life has nuances; not everything is black and white. In reality, few things are, and when you listen to their stories, you realize it. If you pay attention, you discover how different experiences build a whole life. A life in which key moments, shocking moments, and even some unforgettable moments are those that will mark our character and make our life story. Moments and moments related to love and family or even to something as inevitable as death.

When we allow ourselves to listen to older people, we can learn many of their stories. This allows us to listen to them, understand them and receive their affection. Of course, this gives us wisdom, especially the wisdom of the elderly. Being nice to others is always good. With Nutmeg Senior Rides, you can donate, become a volunteer, or sponsor seniors who need transportation in Connecticut.

The wisdom of the elderly

Gratefulness is part of the wisdom of the elderly. They are grateful for the life they have had, understanding that their journey has been long and that the fact that their heartbeats are a gift. They do not deny or regret the difficulties. They know that thanks to them, they are what they are and that a fascinating debate between luck and their will has brought them to the point where they are.

They do not turn their backs on illusion. We can see it while they play cards after lunch or when they have to share with their grandchildren.

If we could go back in time, we would surely make different decisions. We would tell ourselves that we should not worry so much about that test or that person, we would take more risks, and we would surely learn to enjoy the little things more. Such wisdom comes with experience, but what if we didn't have to wait to learn and avoid possible mistakes?

Many older people are fond of reading; their family environment has favored their interest in culture, despite the difficulties. They read the newspaper or books of all kinds, from classic novels to current essays. They look for the content they like and formats more adapted to their physical capacities, especially their degree of vision.

What can we learn from listening carefully to older people?

They have much to teach us about life from their experience and how they face it today. Older people have stories full of strength and courage, smiles and tears, sunshine and rain for anyone who will listen. Their stories contain all kinds of anecdotes, happy moments, not-so-happy moments, and even sad ones. And best of all, they are eager to share them. The wisdom of the elderly is infinite. Health is fundamental for a good lifestyle, and Nutmeg Senior Rides understands that and helps by providing senior transportation in Connecticut.

The intelligence of the elderly

Fluid intelligence would be the capacity to adapt and face new situations flexibly, without the influence of previous learning, basically composed of primary aptitudes such as induction, deduction, and intellectual speed, and would reach its maximum splendor before crystallized intelligence, which would refer to that set of capacities, strategies, and knowledge. Doing different activities is essential for seniors in Connecticut. For this reason, Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best transportation in Connecticut for seniors to move from one place to another.

These abilities, which represent the level of cognitive development achieved through the learning history of the subject, are constituted fundamentally by aptitudes related to verbal comprehension, the valorization of experience, evaluation, and mechanical knowledge and which depends on seniority, the accumulation of knowledge, memories, and data that we have been gathering throughout our life experience.

While the former, although it is true that as we grow older, it stops and may even diminish, crystallized intelligence continues to increase throughout the life cycle. Considering all of these factors, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides transportation for seniors in Connecticut.

Thus, older people have the advantage that their extensive experience has provided them with a great deal of knowledge that makes their way of seeing life and of relativizing situations very different from that of a much younger person. As a result, intergenerational differences or conflicts arise between young and older people based on the different ways of seeing and feeling both groups, which is associated with prejudices and stereotypes that often lead to a total lack of communication.

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