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What is the proper posture when we drive?

Proper posture to drive Nutmeg Senior Rides Connecticut by Nutmeg Senior Riders

Sitting well behind the wheel is one of the pillars of good driving. We give you the keys to correctly position the car seat and drive safe. Sitting down to drive is not the same as sitting on the armchair to watch television or in a bar to have a coffee. In all cases, we sit down, but each situation requires the posture to be the most appropriate. Nutmeg Senior Rides is a non-profit organization that understands the importance of making a difference in society by helping others in Connecticut.

Sitting well behind the wheel is one of the pillars of good driving. When we sit at home, one of the priority factors is to feel comfortable. To delay fatigue at the wheel as much as possible is not the only thing we must take into account. The distances from the legs to the pedals and the hands to the wheel must be adequate to operate all the controls quickly and effectively.

Why is your posture so important?

A proper position while driving is vital to avoid pain and because it directly influences driving safety.

The trick to know if the car seat is well adjusted is if the left leg is slightly stretched when pressing the bottom of the clutch pedal without needing to lean or move the body forward.

Being nice to others is always good. With Nutmeg Senior Rides, you can donate, become a volunteer, or sponsor seniors who need transportation in Connecticut.

Ideally, the driver should be in a comfortable and relaxed but upright position to handle all vehicle elements with ease.

Tips to improve your posture when driving

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The back resting on the seat

It seems like an obvious advice, but many drivers hunch their backs away from the chair. The idea is to have the entire spine firm and straight on the back and not forget to support the head on the headrest, not to leave it suspended since the neck is the one who suffers from fatigue. When you bring your back together, also remember to bring your hips so that it is straight at the back of the car seat.


The inclination of the seat does not have to hinder the mobility of the arms. For example, an ideal posture should allow us to touch the upper part of the steering wheel with our wrists when our back is resting on the backrest.

The belt

Always buckle up and be in the correct position. It should cross your body at the waist and from the left clavicle. The height of the people and the length of the thorax vary, so you must adjust it to your needs.

For pregnant women, the belt must cross over the shoulder closest to the door, between the breasts, and to the side of the belly. Otherwise, it could hurt the baby. The lower part of the belt must also pass below the abdomen, in the pelvic area.

The seat

The seat should be as low as possible to have a greater field of vision and to avoid blows to the head in case of tipping over in the car. The backrest can have a maximum recline of 25 degrees.

The steering wheel

It is recommended to hold the steering wheel at "ten and ten," although specific drivers tend to be closer to "nine-fifteen." However, in this position, the arms should be semi-flexed, forming an angle of approximately 90 degrees, and that when turning it, there should be no difficulty. Thus, another reference to consider to check that the seat-back-steering wheel is in place is that with your back fully attached to the backrest, extend your right arm so that your wrist is on the steering wheel rim at twelve o'clock.

At Nutmeg Senior Rides, we understand that sitting properly to drive is essential, that is why our volunteers drive in the best possible way. If you want to know more about our services, visit our page here and get all the information. It is the right moment to start driving properly and be one of our volunteers. Nutmeg Senior Rides, helps you go everywhere you need in Connecticut, whether you need senior transportation in West Suffield Connecticut, senior transportation in Bloomfield Connecticut, senior transportation in South Windsor Connecticut, senior transportation in Somers Connecticut, senior transportation in Enfield Connecticut, senior transportation in Vernon Connecticut, senior transportation in Granby Connecticut, senior transportation in East Granby Connecticut, senior transportation in Suffield Connecticut, senior transportation in Windsor Locks Connecticut, or senior transportation in East Windsor Connecticut. If you need transportation in Connecticut do not hesitate to contact us.


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