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Why transportation is relevant for elders in Connecticut

Woman in transportation Nutmeg Senior Rides by Nutmeg Senior Riders

The topic of transportation is very topical now that public policies are focusing on the need for sustainable options to prevent its negative effects on health.

Transport plays a fundamental role in our societies and economies. It provides us with access to work, education, services, leisure, and other amenities, and undoubtedly contributes to economic and commercial growth. But at the same time, it affects the environment and health, and in a negative way.

There are many issues that can be analyzed in relation to transportation and aging, some of which are outlined in this text. The mobility of the elderly is an issue that has been addressed by different disciplines and is increasingly relevant. Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best option for senior transportation in Connecticut.

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Public transport

Public transport shapes a city and has an impact on the quality of mobility and active aging, of which we speak so much here. A good network influences the social and mental well-being of the elderly and makes it easier for them to participate in community life. Many cities around the world, including several Spanish cities, are joining the Cities Friendly Cities initiative to facilitate their participation in them. One of the sections for which they are asked for suggestions is regarding the different public transport. And they are asked about frequency, safety, fares, waiting areas, accessibility, number of routes, driving... and also about private transport in relation to signaling, loading and unloading areas, and parking.

For example, cities such as Madrid, in its diagnosis to be a friendly city, have collected opinions of the elderly in which, regarding buses, they demand a review of the connection between neighborhoods and their reference hospitals. They also ask for bus stops to be located in the vicinity of senior centers. They ask for more training for drivers to sensitize them and make them aware of the vulnerability of the elderly. Improve the signage of bus shelters and interchanges.

Regarding the subway, they logically request that stations be equipped with public toilets. Regarding cabs, they ask for discounts or reduced fares for the elderly, especially in the taxi service, which is adapted to people with reduced mobility. They also ask for more parking spaces with reduced fares, simplification of the use of parking meters, and the design of specific zones for picking up and dropping off passengers. Nutmeg Senior Rides is ready to provide the transportation required in Connecticut.

Although the problem of mobility of the elderly in public transportation is an issue that should be addressed in a special way, few studies have been found in the literature that addresses this issue.

The aging of the population raises several fundamental issues for policymakers on how to improve the quality of life of older adults, making them independent individuals and living an inclusive and dignified daily life in all aspects of life.

In this population, the factors that contribute to their well-being are definitive in different spheres of their lives; public transportation and mobility are the ones addressed in this research. In this relationship, it is indicated that travel influences the overall well-being of older adults. Nutmeg Senior Rides understands how we change as we age. For this reason, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides senior transportation in Connecticut.

It is important to highlight that satisfaction with travel and satisfaction with life are highly related, which means that satisfaction with travel influences satisfaction with life, also called global satisfaction of the older adult. Nutmeg Senior Rides is a non-profit organization that understands the importance of making a difference in society by helping others in Connecticut.

Public transportation is an essential service in Connecticut

Among the actions proposed to control the spread of the pandemic, most governments have adopted social distancing measures, restricting the mobility of citizens in view of the state of emergency represented by the rapid spread of the virus. Some services, however, have been declared essential. For example, public transportation services have been prioritized to ensure, on the one hand, that workers in other essential sectors (e.g., health, food, etc.), who depend on public transportation, can reach and leave their workplaces; and, on the other hand, to ensure minimum access of people who depend on public transportation to critical places such as markets, pharmacies, banks and/or hospitals.

The impact of these measures on transportation systems has been immediate, and the numbers are overwhelming: the use of public transportation has fallen between 52% and 91% in the cities of the region. The drop in domestic demand has translated into adjustments in the supply of public transportation services but providing alternatives for the forced mobility derived from those essential activities authorized in the mandatory quarantine decrees. Sometimes public transportation is not enough, and seniors need a special service. For this reason, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides senior transportation in Connecticut.

Covid-19 demonstrates once again the role of public transportation for the welfare of people to the extent that it allows accessibility to goods, services, and jobs. For all those who do not have private options for getting around, public transportation systems are undoubtedly essential. There are scores of healthcare workers and other essential sectors who need reliable transportation services to get to their jobs. Given that women represent 50% of doctors and more than 80% of nurses in the region, we cannot forget to mainstream the gender perspective in the different contingency plans of public transportation systems. Nutmeg Senior Rides can take seniors everywhere they need.

For example, ensuring the proper functioning of protocols to address violence against women in public transport, including cases of aggression and discrimination against female health workers due to panic about the virus.

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