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What you need to verify before driving

What you need to verify before driving Nutmeg Senior Rides Connecticut by Nutmeg Senior Riders

Keeping our vehicle in good condition is essential for our safety and that of our passengers. In addition, we will help increase the car's durability over time. Remember that Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best option for senior transportation in Connecticut. Contact us today to join our family.

To begin with, we must check our vehicle every time we set out on the road, thus assuring us that everything is fine. Here are some basic recommendations. Doing different activities is essential for seniors in Connecticut. For this reason, Nutmeg Senior Rides is the best transportation in Connecticut for seniors to move from one place to another.

It is crucial to identify if you are going to drive close to where you are or if you are going to take a long trip. You should check several elements before leaving for a trip if it will be a long journey. Verification needs to be done in a specific order. The first thing is to check those elements that, if out of order, will force us to go to a workshop, for which we must anticipate enough.

10 tips to verify before driving in Connecticut

Below, we share 10 essential points to verify before the journeys you will make with your vehicle. Nutmeg Senior Rides is ready to provide the transportation required in Connecticut.


Check that the levels are within the optimal limits according to your vehicle model and the manufacturer's recommendation, such as windshield clean water.


Check that the tires are properly inflated or have obvious damage from overuse. In the worst case, a flat tire can cause a crash. Tires in good condition and with the correct pressure offer a shorter stopping distance, fuel economy, and excellent stability. It is necessary to check the tread depth, not exceed the speed and load limits established by the manufacturer, check the pressure every month or before a long trip, and maintain the pressure according to the vehicle manufacturer's instructions.


The brake fluid is a vital element that you have to check yes or yes before starting your vehicle because if it is well supplied, it can prevent you from suffering a traffic accident because the brakes could not work when you activate them.


Some do not require maintenance. If this is not the case with yours, check that it does not have rusty parts. Few things are more unpleasant and frustrating than going to start the car and not being able to do it. Do not wait any longer if you have recently noticed that it is more difficult to start in the morning or if you have the slightest suspicion that the battery is not good. You could check the electrolyte level in the past, but today almost all batteries come with sealed glasses, and you cannot add distilled water to them. Also, just because the level is satisfactory does not mean that the battery is. The best thing is to have its load capacity checked in a specialized workshop.


In any situation, but especially if you are going to travel at night or with the sun setting, it is essential to check the lights. Checking that the headlights are aligned and that they radiate the correct light is key to avoid any inconvenient.

Oil level

The oil level must be in an optical measurement that guarantees the engine's proper functioning. If the measurement is too low, top up with more oil but be careful. Remember that it is advisable to change it every 5,000 km, depending on the car or manufacturer.

Electrical system

Test each of the car's functions to make sure there are no faults on the road:

- Air conditioning

- Wiper washer

- Control Panel

- Battery

- Start


Ensure the spare tire is inflated and the hydraulic jack and jumper cables are there. I also recommend that you check them periodically, even when you are not going on a trip.


While driving, the driver's visibility must be optimal at all times. For this reason, both the panoramic and side windows must be completely clean before setting off; in the same way, it is important to check that the windshield washer tank is full and a good washer fluid helps a lot to eliminate that grease that makes the horizon blurry.

Rear-view mirrors

Once all the external elements have been checked when you sit in the cockpit, check if the rear-view mirror is tailored for you so that you can notice the vehicles coming behind you. It is also essential that the side mirrors are at eye level to avoid collisions.


To check the level of gasoline, oil, or gas, your car must already be running. If the arrow indicates that the tank is less than ¼ full, it is recommended that you go to refuel, as you could have a detour on your route.

Make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition to ensure that you arrive safely at your destination with these recommendations. Considering all these factors, Nutmeg Senior Rides provides transportation for seniors in Connecticut.

If you are an excellent driver, and you want to become a volunteer at Nutmeg Senior Rides, you can read about it here. It is the right moment to start volunteering and enjoy its benefits. Nutmeg Senior Rides, helps you go everywhere you need in Connecticut, whether you need senior transportation in West Suffield Connecticut, senior transportation in Bloomfield Connecticut, senior transportation in South Windsor Connecticut, senior transportation in Somers Connecticut, senior transportation in Enfield Connecticut, senior transportation in Vernon Connecticut, senior transportation in Granby Connecticut, senior transportation in East Granby Connecticut, senior transportation in Suffield Connecticut, senior transportation in Windsor Locks Connecticut, or senior transportation in East Windsor Connecticut. If you need transportation in Connecticut do not hesitate to contact us.


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