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Is it important to be a good co-driver?

A good co-driver Nutmeg Senior Rides by Nutmeg Senior Riders

Many pilots like to go out on the roads accompanied by their partner, with whom they share emotions, or with a friend who likes adventure.

Did you know that the co-driver, also known as the driver's companion, is not just a place inside the car? Since the person who stands to the side must understand that he also has support functions for the safety and driving of the vehicle.

Road safety does not only depend on the driver. This activity is greatly influenced by the attitude of the rest of the passengers, who must maintain excellent behavior inside the cabin, following the driver's instructions at all times to avoid any confusion and, therefore, a possible traffic accident.

Why is the role of the copilot so important?

Many people enjoy sitting in the front seat because they have a better view, or it is simply more comfortable and spacious to read, use the cell phone, or sleep during the journey. However, there is nothing worse than this.

When driving a car, whether in the city or on the highway, the person next to the driver, known as the copilot, makes a difference on a journey. This person is your guide on the road and the one who watches over the safety of the passengers.

The copilot will even relieve the driver if he is exhausted on long night trips. In addition, his job is to be attentive to the road and know the car in case the driver fails. He can use the handbrake, turn off the car or take the wheel.

The copilot is the one who must take the wheel in case the primary driver turns out to be unwell, but a good copilot is an accomplice and comrade in the turns of the road.

What a good copilot should do

  • Help your driver

Help the driver when it comes to drinking water, eating something, looking for sunglasses, etc., making the task easier. Drivers have their hands full so that you can be a great extra hand.

  • Conversation partner

It may seem strange, but one of the essential functions of the passenger is to be a good companion for the drivers, trying to talk with them but to avoid distracting them, which will prevent boredom or the risk that the pilot falls asleep. Prevent the driver from being a victim of fatigue and tiredness. You can maintain a fluid and entertaining conversation without ever being distracted. It will be another of the essential tasks of the ideal copilot.

  • Inspire confidence and security

When we sit in the front seat, we must adopt a calm and collected attitude. It is advisable not to be scared of sudden braking or alert to an obstacle. These attitudes can make the drivers uncomfortable and nervous, altering their driving state.

  • A good copilot is a DJ.

Good, lively, and varied music will keep the driver awake and entertained. It is not bad before a trip to know what the musical tastes of the driver are and to equip yourself with an excellent musical selection for the delight of him. Be careful, of course, to set the volume at an optimal level so as not to lose perspective of the environment: the relationship between technology and road safety is a complex issue that you can also use to your advantage.

  • Keep calm

Having nervous attitudes can cause a similar reaction in the driver, which can be dangerous. Therefore, a good copilot must be capable of remaining calm at all times. In this way, he will act efficiently and transmit to the pilot the security he needs to carry out his work with a clear mind.

  • Check the GPS

A good copilot should check the GPS. The copilot had to consult the map and give directions in the past. Today, there are GPS devices that help users reach their destination, and reviewing them is a major distraction, so the pilot must always delegate this task.

What a good copilot should avoid

  • Do not get distracted

The pilot must keep his attention on the road at all times. And the copilot too. That is why you should not be distracted by your cell phone or anything. You must remember to be aware of the pilot's movements so that he can follow you.

  • Do not sleep

Sometimes the driver may be grateful that his copilot is going for a ride with Morpheus, but on long trips, it can be an ordeal to see the other's jaw dislodge while trying not to break his neck with his head nods. If you don't meet this rule, the rest won't matter. You must stay alert for any unforeseen events so that the driver can focus on driving. Sometimes it is indeed recommended that the passenger sleep, especially if they will take turns driving on the road. If this is not the case, watching the other fall asleep can be an ordeal. It is crucial that as a co-driver, you stay alert to any unforeseen event to focus on driving.

  • Do not generate stress

We all know the typical car copilot who is worse than pain because he is directing and correcting all the time: 'Slowly,' 'Turn,' 'Be careful,' 'You almost gave him,' 'Brake.' In any case, your site is well defined: you can make life easier for the pilot, but it is better that you do not tell him what to do at all times.

  • Do not comment on the way you drive and avoid driving lessons.

Phrases such as "that way we would get there faster" or "you have the engine reached" and others similar can be a source of fights and a source of distraction. If you want the driver to focus on the road, do your part to minimize distractions. It is good to indicate risks and help but not put massive pressure on the driver. The driver knows what to do.

  • Co-drivers have about more chances of dying in an accident.

The most common injuries that copilots usually suffer are facial, thoracic, pelvic, vertebral fractures, and head trauma. These injuries could happen even if you comply with the obligation to wear a seat belt. In the event of negligence, the risk of damage to internal organs or death increases dramatically.

Being an excellent copilot is an important activity as well as driving. We know that our riders are the best copilots for you. If you want to become a volunteer at Nutmeg Senior Rides, you can read about it here. It is the right moment to start volunteering and enjoy its benefits.


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